2021 Hiring Trends: Predictions for the Future of Work

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If 2020 taught us something, regardless of the field, it is that HR leaders and recruiters need to be ready to change and modify their hiring plans. Here are five major recruiting patterns to observe in 2021, along with tips on how to train, using Monster data and expert insights.

    Here are some findings worth remembering, based on Monster work postings over the past few months:

    • For sales and related occupations, Monster is seeing rise in new work postings month-over-month.
    • New manufacturing job listings for positions like team assemblers, machinists, manufacturing employees, inspectors, testers, sorters, samplers and working workers, assemblers and manufacturers, all others, welders, cutters and welder fitters have also been steadily growing month after month since June.
    • And there will be continued demand for technology positions with the expectation that virtual work and school are sticking around for a while, and Monster has begun to see a renewed rise in new job posts in this field.

    In other sectors as well, there’s a huge appetite to recruit. Since summer, supply chain/logistics companies have been booming and struggling to employ, including warehouses, distribution, and development. It will also continue to expand in retail, call centers, and healthcare providers,’ adds Beth Herman, regional sales director, Monster.