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3 Agencies Transforming The Leadership Hiring Landscape

Nearly every large organization will hire an executive recruiter at some point to help fill a role. Majority of these agencies focus on meeting the required skills, perhaps a certain degree of technical skill more than complementing the culture and values of the organisation. However, the cost of hiring the wrong people who are culturally unfit with the organization is much higher than having a vacancy.

These emerging agencies emphasise on the culture of the organization that aim to understand the organization culture and executives adaptability to it.

Garner – Outgrow

“Garner Outgrow” is a cross-continent collaboration between Garner Associates (UK) and Outgrow Consulting (India) aimed at building credible capabilities to provide “Executive Search” services across the globe in a vastly changing business environment. Its extensive network spreading across continents and penetrating into the board rooms of large corporations allows it the rare capability to present the best talent for consideration by its clients.

ABC Consultants

ABC Consultants is a preferred talent acquisition partner to Multinationals and leading Indian businesses. They offer a wide range of customized, high-quality, research-based talent consulting services. 

Michael Page

Since launching the  business in the UK in 1976, they’ve developed into one of the world’s leading recruitment companies. PageGroup provides recruitment services and career opportunities on a local, regional and global level.

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