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3 Things to Consider while Choosing a Reliable Freight Forwarder

As a beneficial cargo owner you know that on-time service and reliable communication are what can make or break your business, which is why it is essential to partner with a dependable freight forwarder. So what exact characteristics should a BCO seek out when trying to decide which freight forwarder to partner with? We’ve put together a list of eight characteristics that successful and dependable freight forwarders possess:

1. Flexibility – In an ideal world, everything that happens between a product leaving the factory and reaching the consumer is a perfectly linear and efficient process. But in the real world, it’s a chaotic, delayed and round-about process that is subject to ever-changing circumstances. The best freight forwarders have the tools to make decisions to deal with every set of circumstances. Be it bad weather, downed systems, miscommunications, port congestion, or whatever else that comes along in an average day at the port, the best FFs have strategies and backup plans in place to deal with any situation.

2. Transparency – While no company wants to reveal each and every one of its trade secrets, it should be able to give pertinent information to its collaborators on demand. A BCO should never have to worry about the status of their shipments. Good FFs allow for quick cargo tracking, and always share information on updates and important changes in plans. They let you know about their partners and agents, particularly in the places where you are shipping. Open communication is key for any successful relationship and speaking of relationships…

3. Proven Expertise – The great don’t just get all the tasks done, they can also specifically brag that they are able to do certain tasks better than the competition. They have a sector of expertise in which they guarantee results, something that only comes with real hands-on experience.

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