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Monthly Spotlight with Navin Ahuja: How Garnar OutGrow has Outshined Large Executive Search Firms.

Congratulations for your recent collaboration with Garner Associates, UK. Tell us more about it.

I happened to meet Andrew Garner in London a few years back, having been introduced to him through a common connection. We spoke fervently for a couple of hours, sharing ideas on topics of mutual interest, one of them being “Executive Search”. To me, he came across as one of the finest head-hunters I had ever had a chance to meet, bearing immense love and genuine passion for his work. I shared with him my part of the professional world, and it all came together to form a perfect equation with the conception of Garner Outgrow last year.

That’s great! So, what’s the basis of this collaboration?

Outgrow has been in the space of recruitments for almost 8 years now. Over this period, we’ve put ourselves through enough grind to carve a niche in the space of leadership hiring. Collaborating with Garner Associates has provided us the necessary fillip that was missing before. For the last 35 years, Andrew has been hiring for the boards of companies falling in the league of Vodafone and HSBC. Having walked the lanes and seen every nook & cranny of the world of Executive Search, Andrew’s finesse is invincible. We call him “The Boss of Headhunting”.  

How you found yourself a place in a market conventionally dominated by large global firms. 

You’re right. The world of Executive Search has been dominated by a few large firms. And that’s exactly what works to our advantage. These large firms have global standard processes to manage the quality of their service delivery and that’s turning out to be their bane over the recent years. Co-incidentally the new-age corporate world thrives on customisation rather than standardisation which is now passé. Each company has its own unique cultural fabric and looks out for leaders who can weave themselves in quite naturally and take things to the next level. Resplendent corporate dossiers can’t achieve that objective. We do. We treat every company and position differently, based upon its own unique subtleties. That works well for us and our clients.

How did COVID-19 impact your outlook towards your profession?

We just followed one simple principle when COVID struck us. We decided to stand by our clients through the tough times and allowed them to decide our commercial terms with them, without blinking an eye. That more than paid us back when the scenario started to get better. The same clients were complimenting of our support and are now looking to recuperate us in various ways. Our relationship with the clients is now stronger than ever before. 

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